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About Me

Hi adventurers! 

My name is Amanda! I'm a Southern Utah transplant by way of North Carolina. I love living and exploring these red rocks that have become my home away from home. I'm a fur mama to a cat named Olive who wants nothing to do with anyone, and an adopted chiweenie named Winky who could out hike Bear Grylls. 


I originally moved to Utah for college at Southern Utah University and loved it so much I decided to stick around after graduating in 2012. This place is an outdoor enthusiasts dream come true! And now that I know what dry air is, I don't know how I could ever return to humidity. 

I am a huge football fan {soccer. though i love american football too. go panthers! keep pounding!}. My biggest dream right now is to visit Spain and go see Real Madrid and Barcelona play in their home stadiums while Messi and Christiano are still around. Yes, I like both teams and players, and I refuse to choose a favorite.  

My guilty pleasures are: Everything Bachelor Nation. I even follow my favorite contestants on Insta! Spanish soaps {grand hotel. on netflix. watch it!}. 80s British pop music holds a special place in my heart, and I will never not rock out to Erasure, Depeche Mode, New Order and the like. 


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