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The Spectacular and Rare Waterfalls of Gunlock State Park

Updated: May 8, 2020

Have you heard about the waterfalls in Gunlock, Utah? If you said no, you're either a) not from around these parts, or b) living under a stupid rock. The Gunlock Waterfalls are all anyone has been able to talk about down here in southern Utah the past few weeks. {or maybe just me. def all i've been able to talk about} There's a good reason for this, as they only occur every few years when the weather has behaved just so. Thanks to an exceptionally snowy and wet winter, the waterfalls have busted out of the desert for our viewing pleasure!

Things You Need to Know

Location: Gunlock State Park, Gunlock Utah

Duration: Give yourself some time. Not because of the hike {the falls are like, maybe a 100 yards or so from the road} but because it's absolutely beautiful and you'll want to bask in the beauty and soak it all in

Difficulty: There are some steep hills and lots of rocks to maneuver, but it's very short. You'll see everything from unsteady toddlers to unsteady seniors out there, so I have every confidence that you'll make it

Cost: $10 per car, $5 if you are a senior, $2 walk in

When to Go: Early! This place gets PACKED. Sunrise is your best bet for some privacy, it's also not as busy during the weekdays

I was honored and privileged to write a guest piece about these majestic waterfalls for my friend's site, The Salt Project. You can find my full write up about this beautiful phenomenon over there; and if you have children and live in the state of Utah and aren't already following The Salt Project you are seriously missing out! They have the low down on all the kid friendly outings in Utah. I don't. I don't do kids, not the human kind, anyway. You need dog advice? Holla at your girl! Real kids? I couldn't tell you what to do with them, though I do try sometimes.

Since I've already written a pretty in depth piece about this place {again, you can find it here} I'll not repeat myself. BUT! There are some other cool spots in the area that I highly recommend you check out while visiting the falls, here's the low down:

The Vortex

Located mere minutes from the falls, the Vortex {aka the bowl, camelback mountain, or sand cove trail} is a natural accompany to your Gunlock visit. Hike on sandstone cliffs that make you feel like Spiderman and will have you looking over your shoulders for dinosaurs.

Visit Veyo

What Gunlock lacks in restaurant services, the little town of Veyo, which is just a short drive away, makes up for with their infamous Veyo Pies cafe. Many locals don't consider a trip to the area complete without a slice of Veyo pie. Care for a swim? The Veyo Pool and Crawdad Canyon will be just the ticket, it's a local treasure as well. Wanna see a volcano? Veyo Volcano is a prominent feature in the town that you literally can't miss...because it's a volcano. You gotta appreciate the sensible way in which the people of Veyo have named things. They keep it to the point.

{as always: practice LEAVE NO TRACE. stay hydrated. tell someone where you are going. wear appropriate clothing. be mindful of the weather. be nice to fellow hikers. have fun, make good choices, & hike smart}

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